How to Eat Cucumbers to Lose Weight


A nutritious, well-balanced diet, in addition to physical activity, is essential for an effective weight-loss plan. Cucumbers are a healthy food that can help you lose weight when combined with the above factors. Cucumbers are a low-calorie food that allows you to eat more volume for few calories. The high water content of the vegetable also fills you up, increasing satiety levels and preventing overeating. Also, the water content makes cucumber juice a diuretic, which assists the body in getting rid of waste products and toxins, and stimulating digestive processes.


Step 1
Eat cucumbers as part of the USDA recommended five-a-day fruit and vegetable servings. A serving of cucumbers is one-half cup, which contains only eight calories, zero grams of fat and only one gram of sugar. It is easy to achieve a calorie deficit to lose weight by eating foods with very few calories.

Step 2
Slice up raw cucumbers to add to salads that are rich in other low-calorie, high-fiber vegetables and fruits such as mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and romaine lettuce. Drizzle with a light dressing that is composed of oil and vinegar for a low-sugar alternative to most commercial dressings. The healthy fats in the oil will also aid in absorbing the nutrients, such as fat-soluble vitamins A, which cucumbers provide.

Step 3
Chop up cucumbers into cubes or slices to add to soups and stews. Cucumbers pair well with the flavors and consistency of both mild and heartier vegetables, ranging from asparagus to sweet potatoes. A vegetable-based soup that includes cucumbers cooked in a light broth is filling and low in calories, and the high water content aids in its diuretic properties. This can assist with relieving water retention, bloating and easing digestion to remove waste.

Step 4
Blend cucumbers into a smoothie for a healthy, low-calorie breakfast or snack. Cucumbers work particularly well in green smoothies that consist of leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, as well as a healthy fat source such as avocados, to help with nutrient absorption and waste elimination. To make a diet-friendly smoothie, add one chopped cucumber to a blender with two cups of spinach, a green apple and half an avocado. Blend on high for 30 seconds up to a minute until a smooth consistency is reached. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate covered to drink later that day.

Step 5
Eat cucumbers as snacks or appetizers to help you lose weight. Spread whole-grain crackers that are high in fiber with low-fat cream cheese and spread cucumber slices on top for a well-balanced low-calorie snack. Cucumbers also provide a weight-loss-friendly crunchy alternative to potato chips. Enjoy them with carrot sticks sliced length-wise and dip into a light dressing, mustard or salsa.
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